global warming

Global Warming

global warming

The Earth is heating up and there is evidence to prove it; the ice caps are melting and freak weather-patterns abound.

We are told that this is due to the greenhouse effect where a layer of pollutants in the upper atmosphere serves to trap solar radiation and cause accelerating warming of the planet.

Apparently the world faces catastrophe in our lifetimes if we don’t drastically reduce our production of CO2 rather sooner than is humanly possible.

However; the data that the predictions are based upon is heavily cherry-picked and the computer models that give us this apocalyptic vision of the future are far too complex to be independently replicated.

The evidence is also rather unconvincing given the inconsistencies in the global picture.

If we are to mistrust the generally accepted basis for global warming; then what can account for the freak weather-patterns and melting ice-caps?

It is proposed here that there are weather-control systems in play that deliberately drive up temperatures and create these weather-phenomena but the obvious questions associated with this allegation are how is this done and why?

For a number of years now there has been in operation a global system of radio transmitters and tower arrays that are known as the HAARP system whose apparently benign purpose masks a wide range of clandestine capabilities.

In addition to this there is the Chemtrail program that is consistently denied by every national government in spite of the fact that its trails are clearly visible in the skies over every continent.

It is no secret that the international community is being steered toward greater centralization at every level; Financial, Commercial, Corporate, Military and Governmental and this is obvious to anyone with an interest in foreign affairs.

The United Nations is generally regarded as a benevolent organization; a global forum in which individual member nations can co-operate on a number of levels but there are those who see it as having the potential for something rather greater.

By coming to the aid of independent states that have become unstable due to various disasters like drought, floods, wars etc; the UN temporarily assumes control over the economy or security of the area until stability can be restored.

Any fair and free country would welcome this benign intervention rather than allowing whole populations to starve or tear each other apart in mindless conflict.

If however, stability were never to be achieved then the UN would automatically become the de facto government of that country and would take one step closer to assuming World Government by default.

There already exists a World Bank, an International Court, an International Peace-keeping Force and the United Nations Security Council.

If it were necessary; all these departments could easily be united to form such a World Government and some see weather modification as a major force in engineering ‘natural’ disasters necessary to expedite this process.

It is necessarily a clandestine program and so its more obvious manifestations need to be disguised as other things for the time being.

Even if we were to accept that there are now two plausible causes of global warming; how are we to independently decide which one is true?

Fortunately there is a simple test that anyone can conduct without recourse to belief:

Both HAARP and the Chemtrail program share one common factor: Negative Energy; HAARP uses high-powered radio waves to manipulate the ionosphere and the chemicals sprayed across the world are heavily laden with negative energy amongst other things.

Orgonite converts negative energies of all kinds into positive orgone energy so ‘gifting’ an affected area should result in lower temperatures and stable weather.

There are many examples of large-scale gifting operations around the world that have dramatically reversed drought conditions and lowered temperatures and perhaps explain some of the gaps in the evidence for global warming.

If the problems were indeed caused by the greenhouse effect then orgonite would have had little or no effect on regional weather or temperatures.

This would tend to suggest that rising temperatures and chaotic weather-patterns are deliberately produced and can be countered locally by the intelligent distribution of Orgonite.

This article is not intended to be a detailed explanation of every level of this global deception but the above text contains a very broad outline and many key-words that can be used to search the internet for further information that may help explain the true causes of the global warming that we are asked to believe is due to the greenhouse effect.

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