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How to make a Cell Phone Button:

Recent studies have found that the microwave radiation from a cell phone is quite likely to result in a brain tumor on the side of the head favored by the user after about 2000 hours of talk-time.

A small button of orgonite will greatly reduce the dangers of brain cancer by removing the harmful microwave radiation.

These ‘cell phone buttons’ are easily made using the same balance of ingredients as regular orgonite although the quantities need to be greatly reduced to a practical size for attaching to your cell phone with double-sided tape.

Find a suitable mould (hard plastic or glass is ideal) and prepare your ingredients in this way:

Sieve some metal shavings (any metal will work fine) but it’s best to avoid using filings or metal dust.

Mix in some small pieces of crushed quartz stone or crystal (powdered quartz will work fine).

Place a teaspoonful of the mixture in the bottom of your mould and tap it down so that it forms a flat surface.

Pour on enough catalyzed resin to just cover the shavings and crystal when it has sunk through.

Leave it to cure thoroughly and remove from the mould.

Use sandpaper to even out the flat surface and attach it to the back of your cell phone with a layer of double-sided sticky tape.

It’s as easy as that and you will now be able to use your cell phone safely.

These reports were originally compiled for and posted on Don Croft’s Etheric Warriors site to which I had been invited to become a member.

I remained at Etheric Warriors for a couple of years but eventually left the site as it had become increasingly difficult to express my own views in the face of increasing editorial pressure toward a uniform stance on the site.

Prior to Don Croft deleting all the reports that I had posted during my time at Etheric Warriors; these slightly fragmented excerpts were hosted on John Scudamore’s site to where the following links will take you.

Some photographs have been lost due to their no longer being stored on the image hosting sites to which they had been entrusted.

I hope you find the reports interesting.

Bali Gifting Reports


I rarely visit Don Croft's 'Etheric Warriors' forum but it has come to my attention that an incomplete version of my Bali Gifting reports has recently been restored.

Most of the photographs have been lost but the text of the posts remains.

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