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Bali Gifters is a small group of individuals who are actively engaged in healing the negativity of the modern world through the tactical deployment of a relatively new compound called Orgonite.

Orgonite is the only compound known to continuously remove electromagnetic and microwave radiation from the environment (see: ).

Negative energies have a debilitating effect on all living things and Positive energy restores good health.

We make the Orgonite ourselves and distribute it in the streets, fields, lakes and the ocean.
This activity has become known as ‘gifting’ and is carried out by many hundreds of individuals throughout the world.

We also build Orgonite Cloudbusters that effectively clear the sky of the Chemtrails that have been systematically sprayed by unmarked aircraft across the World.
In ungifted areas chemtrails have the effect of dissolving the rain-clouds and causing drought.

In recent years the rains have been effectively restored due to the greater coverage by more cloudbusters, the gifting of the cell phone towers and the large-scale sea-gifting that has disabled many of the under-sea platforms that previously exerted such influence on local weather-patterns.



Gifting takes a number of basic forms:

Tower Busting.
Orgonite can be made in any shape or size but the mainstay of the gifting movement is the mighty 3 ounce ‘Tower Buster’ which is a small block of orgonite about the size of a muffin and is so called because it was designed to ‘bust’ the negativity emitted by cell-phone towers.


A single tower-buster (or TB) hidden anywhere within 300 yards of a cell-phone tower will remove all the harmful energies from the area and have a profoundly beneficial effect on anything living nearby.


Although towers are a major source of negative radiation; there are many negative influences from overhead electricity cables, electric motors, televisions and neon light bulbs that are everywhere in our lives.

Any community will feel the benefits of its streets being ‘gridded’ by hiding single TBs every so often throughout the area; plants and trees will grow better and people will feel more relaxed and less inclined to be impatient or angry.



water gifting

It has been found that the effects of orgonite are greatly amplified when placed in water so tossing TBs into wells, streams, lakes and the ocean is a very powerful way to gift an area.


This map shows the gifting that has been carried out so far on the island of Bali and whilst it may seem that little more remains to be done; most towns are in need of gridding and there are still many undiscovered towers to be busted.

BG Map

The red ‘towers busted’ markers simply show the roads where all visible towers have been gifted and aren’t intended to indicate specific locations.


We hope you find the purely informative links on this page interesting and that you may be enticed on a voyage of discovery of the varied ways that orgonite can be used to balance and heal the negative influences that have begun to degrade this beautiful island in recent years.

chemical attack

We are neither a religious group nor even an organization but are drawn together to share information and resources and co-ordinate the effective gifting of the island of Bali.

These reports were originally compiled for and posted on Don Croft’s Etheric Warriors site to which I had been invited to become a member.

I remained at Etheric Warriors for a couple of years but eventually left the site as it had become increasingly difficult to express my own views in the face of increasing editorial pressure toward a uniform stance on the site.

Prior to Don Croft deleting all the reports that I had posted during my time at Etheric Warriors; these slightly fragmented excerpts were hosted on John Scudamore’s site to where the following links will take you.

Some photographs have been lost due to their no longer being stored on the image hosting sites to which they had been entrusted.

I hope you find the reports interesting.

Bali Gifting Reports


I rarely visit Don Croft's 'Etheric Warriors' forum but it has come to my attention that an incomplete version of my Bali Gifting reports has recently been restored.

Most of the photographs have been lost but the text of the posts remains.

Bali Gifting Reports at Etheric Warriors

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